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Chevy's 9-Ball Rosters

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The Ga. - S.C. APA league is the Oldest Pool League in the State of Georgia, and by 3 months the 2nd Oldest in the State of South Carolina. It is one of the oldest and proudest leagues in the APA Nation! Come and join us and have the APA Fun that we all enjoy! 


Please Contact the Ga. - S.C. APA Leagues office: (803) 796-1723

Office Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday 

if you interested in forming a team!

Next Session information down below! 


No other Pool League in the World offers what all

APA Leagues offer! 

The APA Ladies 8-Ball ChampionshipThe APA 9-Ball Doubles ChampionshipThe APA 8-Ball Doubles ChampionshipThe APA Jack and Jill ChampionshipThe APA MiniMania TournamentsThe APA Masters ChampionshipThe U.S. Amateur ChampionshipThe APA Wheelchair ChallengeThe APA 9-Ball ShootoutThe APA 8-Ball Classic 

 End of the 2017 Spring Session Captains meetings are on the PDF below. Please print or copy!

 APA Pool Leagues

The Annual Georgia - South Carolina League Team Championship's

$12,000 9-Ball Team Championship

Held March 25 - 26 

 Tournament Boards for the 9-Ball Teams are below, PDF.

Augusta 9-Ball Team Tournament Board, March, 25, @ Gooney's PDF

Lexington Co. 1 9-Ball Team Tournament Board, March, 25, @ Karls Korner & Linda Lou's

Lexington Co. 2 9-Ball Team Tournament Board, March, 25, @ The Mile High Club & Linda Lou's


 Richland Co. 9-Ball Team Tournament Boards, March, 25, @ Racks and R&B's


 $10,000 8-Ball Team Championship

Held April 1 - 2 2017

Tournament Boards for the 8-Ball Teams are below, PDF.

Augusta 8-Ball Tournament Board Updated, @ Gooney's Friday March 31 & Saturday, April, 1  
Augusta Tournament Rosters PDF 

Lexington Co. 1 8-Ball Tournament Board, @ Hideaways & Linda Lou's 


Lexington Co. 2 8-Ball Tournament Board, April, 1, @ Chevy's 

 All Rosters for Chevy;s, Hideaways & Linda Lou's

Richland Co. 8-Ball Team Tournament Board, April, 1 @ Racks & R&B's 

Richland County 8-Ball Rosters 

2017 8-Ball Captain - Co Captains Tournament Boards are below!

Congratulations to Jimmy Cook 5 S/L plays out of Grady's, for winning the Annual 8-Ball Captains Co Captains Tournament. Linda Crapps  3 S/L out of Linda Lou's was 2nd.
3rd place was John Player 4 S/l out of Racks & Sissy Rabon 4 S/L out of Linda Lou's & Karls Korner.
$1,200 was paid out in CASH!
Plus 6 of our Captains & Co Captains Qualified for the Singles Regional Tournament in October 2017.
Who Qualified were:
Jimmy Cook, Linda Crapps, John Player, Sissy Rabon, Dwight Powell, Sarath Chekila,
Was a Great Tournament an Lots of fun! Looking forward to the 9-Ball Captains Co Captains tournament in Nov. 2017!

8-Ball Captain Co Captains Tournament Board 3's
8-Ball Captain Co Captains Tournament Board 4's 
8-Ball Captains Co Captains Tournament Board 5's
8-Ball Captain Co Captains Tournament Board 6's & 7's

Tournament will be held at The Mile High Club 
Sign in time: 10 AM - 10:45 AM Saturday, March, 11, 2017
1st round will start at 11 AM Saturday March, 11, 2017 

APA Pool Leagues

Fall Session 2016 Standings for all 8-Ball & 9-Ball Divisions

PDF for all Division 1st 2nd & Low Tier Winners 


 Spring is the,



2017 Team Regional Tournaments 

 2017 9-Ball Regional Team Tournament for Las Vegas will be held Saturday, June 3 & Sunday June 4. 

 2017 8-Ball Regional Team Tournament for Las Vegas will be held Saturday, June 10 & Sunday June 11.

 2017 Ladies 8-Ball Regional Team Tournament for Las Vegas will be held Saturday, June 17



 Top Gun!

 Top Gun Entry Forms PDF Download!

 Top gun includes all skill levels that enters to see if they are the TOP DAWG in their Divisions! You compete with only your skill levels!

Here is the List of our Top Gun participants for the Fall Session 2016! PDF Below, Good Luck to you all! 

8-Ball Spring 2017 TOP GUN Participates By Division PDF 
9-Ball Spring 2017 TOP GUN Participates By Division PDF

Top Gun Tournament will be held Saturday, July, 8, 2017 @ Grady's Billiards

 Sign in Time: 10 AM - 10:45 AM

Tournament will start at 11 AM

Top Gun Tournament Boards will be published by June 24, 2017 Below!


 Why play any other league but the best! Play APA! The Biggest, The Best in the World!

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9-Ball Divisions


Columbia New Team Registration Form
Augusta Existing Team Registration Form 

Want to get a team up in

Columbia SC or Augusta GA!

Need only 4 people to start up for the  Summer  Session. Get on the Fun with the APA Midlands 8-Ball League!


All About Qualifying for the Singles Regional Tournament! 


Lets get Qualified NOW! for the Oct 2017 Singles Regional Tournament!

We have until June, 15 2017 to qualify for the Singles Regional Tournament. !

So Folks Play on Singles Boards. Contact the league office or join my facebook page Billy Sweat and get more information about qualifying for the Singles Regional Tournament!!!!!




 The APA 8-Ball Doubles Championship

The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship




   So, Lets all get qualified folks!



The APA 8-Ball ClassicThe APA 9-Ball Shootout
Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Burke, Columbia, Edgefield, Emanuel, Glascock, Hancock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Lexington, Lincoln, McCormick, McDuffie, Richland, Richmond, Saluda, Screven, Taliaferro, Warren, Washington, Wilkes
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Junior, 9-Ball Open, Masters


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December 2017
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Mar 24 2018 9:00AM - Mar 25 2018 6:00PM 9Ball Tri-Cup
Mar 31 2018 9:00AM - Apr 1 2018 6:00PM 8Ball Tri Cup
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 28 2018 11:00PM 2018 MiniMania
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 27 2018 9:00PM 2018 APA 8-Ball Classic
Apr 25 2018 8:00AM - Apr 26 2018 8:00PM 2018 9-Ball Doubles Championship
Apr 26 2018 8:00AM - Apr 27 2018 8:00PM 2018 Wheelchair Championship
Apr 27 2018 8:00AM - Apr 29 2018 9:00PM 2018 8-Ball Doubles Championship
Apr 27 2018 8:00AM - Apr 29 2018 8:00PM 2018 APA 9-Ball Shootout
Jun 2 2018 9:00AM - Jun 3 2018 6:00PM 26th Annual 9Ball Regionals
Jun 16 2018 9:00AM - Jun 16 2018 6:00PM 29th Annual 8 Ball Regionals
Aug 9 2018 8:00AM - Aug 12 2018 5:00PM 2018 Ladies Championship
Aug 9 2018 8:00AM - Aug 17 2018 11:00PM 2018 MiniMania
Aug 9 2018 4:30PM - Aug 18 2018 8:00PM 2018 World Pool Championships
Aug 11 2018 8:00AM - Aug 14 2018 5:00PM 2018 Team Captain Championship
Aug 13 2018 8:00AM - Aug 15 2018 5:00PM 2018 Jack & Jill Championship
Aug 14 2018 8:00AM - Aug 17 2018 5:00PM 2018 Masters Championship
Nov 7 2018 10:00AM - Nov 8 2018 5:00PM 2018 Womens U.S. Amateur Championship
Nov 9 2018 9:00AM - Nov 11 2018 5:00PM 2018 U.S. Amateur Championship